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Construction Companies Need To "Eat Their Own Dog Food"

04-04-2022 2:05 PM By David Moyer - Comment(s)

The term "eat your own dog food" means that a company uses its own products and services.  And so...

You’ve just acquired a new software application that will provide measurable benefit to your company…now what?

Well, the good news is, you’re a general contractor, so you know ...

Construction & The Cloud

03-21-2022 6:27 PM By David Moyer - Comment(s)

The movement of software applications to cloud services comes with many advantages; improved scalability, less IT overhead, able to easily work anywhere you can find an internet connection, and more frequent application updates / enhancements. In most cases Cloud solutions even allow a company to ta...

"I lost a substantial bid by less than $100 dollars!"

03-07-2022 2:18 PM By David Moyer - Comment(s)

So, you think the cost of change is too expensive? Really?

Recently, we were speaking with a general contractor in Florida. They asked for a detailed presentation of BidMatrix. They specifically wanted us to focus on the real-time, low path analytics. BidMatrix low path analysis instantly shows you t...

Project Collaboration: Reality or Marketing Hype?

02-14-2022 2:20 PM By David Moyer - Comment(s)
Project Collaboration: Reality or Marketing Hype?
Just to be clear; the Webster’s definition of “collaboration” is:

“to work jointly with others or together especially in an intellectual endeavor”

So how well do your software tools measure up?
It’s fashionable for software companies to create marketing hype by using the adjective, “collaborative” when...
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