"I lost a substantial bid by less than $100 dollars!"

David Moyer
03-07-2022 2:18 PM Comment(s)

Yep!…that’s going to leave a mark!

So, you think the cost of change is too expensive? Really?

Recently, we were speaking with a general contractor in Florida. They asked for a detailed presentation of BidMatrix. They specifically wanted us to focus on the real-time, low path analytics. BidMatrix low path analysis instantly shows you the lowest combination of subcontractors and their respective bids for every trade package.

We asked the general contractor why they were so interested in the low path analytics, which is a hallmark of BidMatrix. They told us a painful story. They said, “we missed getting an 18-million-dollar retail project by two hundred dollars. Ouch! They went on to say, “if we had BidMatrix we would have been awarded that project, we would have found that one hundred dollars, easily, even within a single trade package”. Suddenly, “change” doesn’t look so expensive.

If you are reading this, and you’re a general contractor, you no doubt have experienced a similar horror story.

It’s time to take the guess work out of selecting the right mix of subcontractors on both hard bid and negotiated bids. BidMatrix can analyze thousands of subcontractor bids in a fraction of a second and provide you with the optimum combination.

Simply put, know you are putting your best bid forward! 

Call us at 503-836-7168 and let us show you how BidMatrix will take the guess work out of your bid closings!

David Moyer